Statement 2012_DO, BYUNG KYU

I, with my tendency of kidult, liked to collect dolls or toys since my childhood. My hobby and experiences from my childhood became major motif of my art works.

Children in infancy is icon representing purity in terms of social sentiment. However, I remember that my infancy was ironically not just purity. My childhood was full of instinctive imagination such as sadistically abusing animals and secret sexual fantasy. But these incidents in childhoods are not just my stories.

We know that what we generally believe in and have known around us just like internal violence and cruelty in child sometime betrays us. In fact, this is not betraying us but we just misunderstood its essence. Thinking certain images as natural things and thinking as they are thus that essence is hidden are my primary concerns for my art works.

My art works expresses stories with imagination of kidult for contemporary and contradictory situations through painting series <Fetish+Drama>, photo series <THE SYMBOL> and toys